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Dusty is a 2007 3/4 Arabian gelding purchased from Ravenwood Arabians as a youngster. He is being shown in western pleasure and trail both at local and Class A Arabian shows. He has qualified for regionals and nationals in both Half Arabian trail and Half Arabian trail AOTR as well as Half Arabian western pleasure, showmanship, and western horsemanship. Dusty is quite the "help" around the place. He loves his people and loves being in the middle of things. He enjoys spending his afternoons napping in his stall

Dusty has been shown in the Region IV and Region V Championships in Monroe, Washington and Nampa, Idaho where he earned top 5 awards in the Half Arabian Trail Open, Half Arabian Trail Amateur, Showmanship Adult, Western Horsemanship Adult, Half Arabian Western Pleasure Amateur Select, and a reserve championship in the Half Arabian Trail Amateur to Ride.

In 2017, Dusty was top 5 in Half Arabian Trail Select, top 5 in Showmanship 5o and over, and top 5 in Half Arabian western pleasure select at the region 4 championships in Nampa, Idaho. We decided to take him to the US Arabian and Half Arabian National horse show in Tulsa, Oklahoma. At this show, he received a top ten award in Showmanship 5o and over, top ten in western horsemanship 50 and over and National Champion in Half Arabian Trail Horse select rider. Not only did he win the National Championship, he received a special award for having the high score in the Half Arabian and Arabian division of trail select. Because of this win, he completed his Legion of Honor. To say the least, it was a very good year for Dusty.

In 2019, Dusty started off his year at the Tommy Garland Clinic hosted at Orrion Farms. This was a wonderful clinic under a great clinician in a beautiful facility. Next up for Dusty was the IEAHC horse show where he won championships in half Arabian western pleasure, trail, and a new class for Dusty, ranch riding. He and Barbara also started their class A career in fitting and showing and western horsemanship which they won under both judges. He also won his first English trail class under both judges. At the Region 4 show, Dusty was again a top 5 in Western Pleasure select with Barbara, and in Western Horsemanship with Laurie. The Highlight of his summer was winning a top 5 in Half Arabian Trail Open and Champion Half Arabian Trail Amateur. In his amateur class, Dusty scored a whopping 85 which resulted in winning an award sponsored by All Things Equine for the high score of all trail rides at the Region 4 horse show. There were over seventy rides in that show. After the region 4 show, Dusty's summer took a turn. He was given time in the pasture where he injured a hind leg. After several weeks of rest and medication, he was x-rayed and an issue with a tendon was discovered. He was taken to McKinley Peters Veterinary Clinic where he had surgery to repair the tendon. Unfortunately this meant he would be recuperating from the surgery for 4 to 6 months. Plans for Nationals were then set aside until next year. At this point, we are still in the recovery stage, and look forward to getting him back underway for 2020.

In 2020, Dusty was ready to go, but because of Covid 19, many of our plans had to change. We ended up not being able to go to any Arabian shows. Dusty and Barbara did go to the local Spots of Fun horse show where he was high point Arabian. They also were able to get back in shape by participating in virtual clinics and shows. Instead of the US Nationals, in October they participated in the Virtual Western Dressage World Show. This was Dusty's first competition in western dressage. They entered basic test 1,2,3, and 4 in the amateur division. In test 3, they received a score of 71.75% placing 13th in a class of 67 horses. In test 4, they received a score of 65% placing them 16th in a class of 57.

This is a link to their ride: https://youtu.be/GdZY9MbyV5I

2021 was another big year for Dusty and Barbara. Some of the highlights include Region 4 Champion in Half Arabian Western Trail Open as well as a top 5 in Half Arabian English Trail. He also received a top 5 in Half Arabian Western Pleasure Select with Barbara and a Top 5 in Western Horsemanship with Laurie. In the fall, another trek was made to the US Arabian Nationals in Tulsa, Oklahoma. More awards came for Dusty and Barbara including Top Ten Awards in Half Arabian English Trail AOTR, Half Arabian Western Trail AOTR, Half Arabian Western Trail ATR Select, Showmanship 50 and over and western horsemanship. The last class of the show for the pair was Half Arabian Ranch Riding AOTR in which they were pinned Reserve National Champion of 39 rides. This show was made more special as friend Roxzene Bockstruck and her beautiful palomino gelding Ravenwood Exotic Prize made the trip and competed also. Brother Kevin Brown, and friend Denise Cummings made the trip too. Not only do we come home with great prizes, we came home with some wonderful memories.