Ravenwood Price of Gold

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Ravenwood Price of Gold, "Persi" is a 2016 63/64 Arabian gelding. He was purchased as a yearling from Ravenwood Arabians in Ronan, Montana. To this point, Persi's main concern has been just growing up. He has spent time playing with and watching over his little full brother Arty. He has learned his loungeline routine and is now getting ready for his three-year-old year where we will be working under saddle. We are anxious to see what his specialty will be.P.S. Persi is a full brother to Arty (RavenwoodTotalEclipse) and Eddy (Ravenwood Exotic Prize) owned by our good friend Roxzene Bockstruck.

In 2020 Persi spent a lot of time with his groundwork. He became very proficient at his longline and ground driving work with the snaffle bridle and western saddle. Because there often is a wide variety of trail obstacles in the arena, we worked at walking over poles and the bridge. He immediately was proficient at backing through an L backthrough (better than any of my other horses under saddle.) About mid summer, he started his work under saddle. He is very willing and smooth, and I believe he will be a very pretty western horse, and possibly a cute youth hunter in local shows.

In 2021, Persi spent the year working at home as a western horse. Due to covid, we didn't go off the place, but spent time working in the arena and taking short rides in the pasture.

In 2022, we started the year by hauling out to the EEAHC western dressage clinic at Shadowland sport horses. He loaded and hauled in the horse trailer for the first time in five years. He stayed in a strange box stall and made himself at home. He worked well in the clinic and made me very proud. This was a big year for Persi (Ravenwood Price of Gold.) As a six-year-old he had a lot of firsts. He went to the western dressage clinic with Jean Jeanne Montelius-Gaudreau in April where he made great progress. He was put in a curb bit and accepted that well in a short period of time. We took part in the Online WDAA International horse show where he competed in the basic level receiving scores of 66.731%, 66.304%, 68.200%, and 69.231%. You can watch the videos of his tests below.

He also participated in his first open horse show at the Spots of fun show where he learned a lot about showing with other horses and audience noise. He placed in every class. I am very happy with this little horse and look forward to what he will be doing in his future.

Persi at the EEAHC 2022 Western Dressage Clinic

Persi at the EEAHC 2022 Western Dressage Clinic