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Mani's Photos

Mani was a 1999 Half-Arabian/Warmblood/Pinto gelding. He wss the only horse in our herd that wasn't born on the place or purchased as a youngster, however, he was purchased from our good friend, Roxzene Bockstruck, at Gem State Arabians. Mani came to us as an eleven year old who had been well started under saddle as a youngster, but was basically out in pasture for six years. He was very talented and within a month of his coming home to us, he had his first rated dressage show where he scored from 68 to 70% in training level. Over the winter, he settled in and we looked forward to a year of showing!

In 2011 Mani was shown at the Region 5 Arabian Sport Horse Championships in Auburn, Washington where he received a score of 68.4 in the training level open test. This score earned him the reserve championship for that class!

In September of 2012, Mani went to Nampa, Idaho for the U.S. National Arabian and Half Arabian Sport Horse Show. In the Half Arabian Training Level Dressage he received a 68.9% earning him a top 10 award. In Half Arabian Training Level Dressage ATR, he got a 67.8% placing him again in the top 10. In Half Arabian Training Level AOTR, his score of 75.7% earned him a National Championship. In the main arena, he also competed in the Half Arabian Sport Horse Under Saddle where he was named Reserve National Champion. Before leaving for nationals, Mani received his legion of honor, and his awards at the show have also secured his supreme legion of honor.

In 2013 Mani again went to region 5 where he he was named top 5 in Sport Horse in Hand, Reserve Champion in Training Level ATR, and Champion in Training Level open.

At the 2014 Sport Horse Nationals in Nampa, Idaho Mani once again pinned National Champion in both Half Arabian Training Level ATR and Half Arabian Training Level AOTR. He was also Top 10 in Half Arabian Training Level Open.

Unfortunately, in the winter of 2013, Mani was diagnosed with Cushings disease. We worked closely with our vet, Dr. Celeste Grace, putting him on medication to slow the symptoms. He was able to compete at dressage shows throughout the 2014 season, and we decided to show him at Nationals. He loved to show, and in the arena he was happiest. We lost him in January of 2015 to complications from the disease. He was a great horse, and is truly missed.