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Pache's Photos

"Pache" is a 2012 three quarter Arabian Gelding that we purchased from Ravenwood Arabians as a yearling. He is a little horse with a big trot and is making a fantastic dressage horse.He looks like a wild Indian pony, but he is very friendly, sweet, and willing to do whatever has been asked of him.

In 2016 he went to the Arabian Sport Horse Nationals in Nampa, Idaho where he won top tens in Half Arabian training level junior horse and Half Arabian training level AOTR.

In 2018 he was top 5 at the region 5 show in training level open, and he won championships in western dressage basic level open and basic level amateur. Later, in 2018, he showed in the Arabian Sport Horse Nationals in five large classes. He won top tens in training level dressage open, AOTR, and ATR as well as western dressage basic and western dressage level 1. We are anxious to continue in first level dressage and western dressage.

Below is Ravenwood Hot Stuff+/ in his 2018 top 10 ride in Arabian/Half Arabian Western Dressage Basic test 4 at Arabian Sport Horse Nationals in Tampa Idaho. This was the largest class in the show with 33 entries.

2020 was to be Pache's year to go back to Nampa, Idaho for the Arabian Sport Horse Nationals, however, due to Covid 19, we had to cancel. We spent the summer practicing with some virtual clinics. In October, We showed in the Western Dressage Association of America's virtual World Championship Show. Pache and I rode training level tests 1,2, and 4 in the open division. In test 1, he received a 78.333% placing 6th of 58. In test 2 he earned a 74.348% placing 15th of 42. In test 4 he earned a 68.600% placing 13th of 41. Pache and I also competed in the Level 1 tests. In test 1, Pache scored a 74.444% placing 1st of 33. In test 2, he earned 73.214% placing 2nd of 33. In test 4 he scored 71.731% placing 2nd of 34. Pache was named Reserve World Champion in the Level 1 Amateur Division. This was out of 32 Horses competing in 64 rides in that division.

These are Pache's rides at the WDAA World Championships:







2021 was a pretty quiet year for Pache, although what he did, he did well. We showed at the Region 4 Sporthorse Championship show at Devonwood Equestrian Center in Sherwood Oregon. Here we chose to ride only in the western dressage portion of the show. In the preshow, Pache won both the basic test 4 open and the level one test 4 open. In the Regional show, he was champion in basic open, level one open, level one amateur, an reserve champion in basic amateur. It was a very successful show at a very beautiful facility.

2022 was very similar to 2021, however this year we showed at Region 5 in Monroe, Washington. Here he again won Championships in western dressage basic open, western dressage level 1 open, western dressage level 1 ATR, and Reserve Champion in western dressage basic ATR.

Because of his great showing at this one show, Pache also won the Championship in the United States Equestrian Federation Horse of the Year for Region 5 Half Arabian Specialty Horse including his Western Dressage.