Khemo Bey Beau+

Beau's Photos

Beau was a 1984 purebred Arabian gelding. He came to us as a yearling as payment for training for Hal and Cheri Carter from Emerald Valley Arabians. He started his show career as an English pleasure/country English pleasure horse. He had a naturally upright neck and a long floaty trot. He then moved to show hack where he won two Region V top 5 awards. After years of competing in these fast-paced classes, we decided to finish his show career by taking him out of the full double bridle, and put him back in the snaffle for the lower level dressage classes. It was a challenge teaching him to relax and drop his head down, but after a while, he came to enjoy the long stretchy walks and trots of training and first level. He scored well and finished off his Legion of Honor. At age 26, he gave his first riding lesson to a five-year-old girl. Beau was the undisputed king of our herd. He gently reminded the youngsters to mind their manners.