Ravenwood Invincible

Vinnie's photos

Meet the newest member of the Tibbs Arabians family. This is Ravenwood Invincible aka Vinnie. Vinnie is a full brother to Dusty (Ravenwood DunIn Style). He was born in the early morning hours of July 27, 2019. These photos were taken at 4 days of age. Vinnie is much like his older brother in that he loves his naps, and it doesn't matter that he has a crowd around who wants to cuddle him. He is very laid back. He too is a buckskin (dun), but without all of Dusty's chrome. He makes up for that with his big black, wide set eyes and cute tipped little ears.

In 2020, Vinnie got to go to his first horse show. He showed in halter at the Spots of Fun show in July. It was a really good experience as he was bathed, clipped, hauled to the fairgrounds where he spent the night. All of this he took like a trooper.

2021 was a huge growing year for Vinnie. He was started lightly on the loungeline, and got some pretty serious halter training from Monty Collison. Monty then showed him in halter at the local Spots of Fun horse show. In his first class, he was quite unruly, but in the two classes that followed, he behaved beautifully and placed well.