Furry Friends

There has never been a time that the Tibbs family did not have at least one dog on the place. We have had everything from muts that were dropped off to registered Australian cattle dogs that we had shipped up from southern Missouri (Meggie and Jessie.) Although we took dog 4-H, I think it is safe to say that our dogs have never been what you would call highly obedient, however, they always have been family members with character and personality and are much loved.

In the slideshow, we see some of the more recent pups including Pita, Meggie, Jessie, and some of their friends (cousins) Annie, Kiwi, and Kia.

No barn is complete without cats. Along with dogs, we have always had cats. Some fond memories of kitties came from way back when our dad would get up early every morning to milk the cow. He was swarmed with a group of cats and their kittens begging for stray squirts of milk. After the pail was filled, the first stop Dad made was at the cat dish. We don't have a milk cow anymore, but our cats are active hunters who leave us gifts of mice, birds, snakes, and moles. They also supervise all chores and activities in the barn including welcoming visitors.

Current kitties that are pictured to the right include Simone, Emmet, Spot, Tony, and Rowdy.