Ravenwood Scout

Scout's photos

Scout has been described as the biggest twerp on the place. We purchased him at four months old from our friends at Ravenwood Arabians in Ronan, Montana. He is a 2008 263/264 Arabian gelding. As a three-year-old we started his training with groundwork (I have put him through a lot of groundwork including halter work, in-hand trail work, lounge line work, and some ground driving. He is the only horse I have ever had that I could ground drive through and over trail obstacles.) After he became a three-year-old in June, I couldn't wait any longer to climb on him so since then I have ridden him about three times a week. Our third ride, he was loping in a really nice controlled way. This was a surprise to me since he looks like such a little guy, I thought he would have trouble learning to carry my weight. He actually tapes at 15'1" tall, but his cuteness makes him look smaller. He has been working so well that I took him to the Bonner County Fair horse show in walk/trot and I was pleasantly surprised at how well he behaved. Scout is a really easy horse to work with, however, he is not happy as a showhorse. After several shows, including the IEAHC horse show where he placed well, we decided to retire him from the arena and he now is the go-to guy for trail rides and for beginners or unsure riders.