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Rusty's Photos

Rusty is a 1999 Half Arabian gelding that we raised here on the place. He had a difficult start being two weeks overdue and his mother was a maiden mare. It was a difficult birth and Kelly, his mom decided she would have nothing to do with him. After a few weeks of human intervention, mostly from our dad, Harold Tibbs, Kelly decided to accept Rusty. In fact, she became fiercely protective of him. I believe with all of the attention, he may have become a bit spoiled, and was not the easiest horse to work with. He always had a very strong will, but that gave him a brilliance under saddle that we used to our advantage.

He has been shown in open, class A Arabian, Arabian Regionals, and Arabian Sport Horse Nationals. Locally he has been shown in halter, hunter pleasure, sport horse under saddle, and at the Regional and National level he has been shown in dressage training and first level. In 2006, Rusty was the Region V Champion in both Training Level Open and Training Level AOTR. In 2007 and 2008, he received top 5 awards. In 2006, 2007, and 2008 he was the Region V USEF horse of the year in training level dressage. In 2010, Rusty finished his points to earn his Supreme Legion of Honor from the Arabian Horse Association.

Around home, Rusty is known as the boss and he makes sure to watch over all of the horses on the place. He is no longer showing, but is now enjoying a new career as a trail horse and has been exploring some of the prettier riding spots in our area (as long as they aren't occupied by cows or llamas.)